Adva Model

The Adva models are characterized by an inset opaque window divided into five sections of equal size that give it a classic yet fresh look. Each Adva door is made from one piece in a polymer injection process that gives the door uncompromising strength.The Adva door is resistant to water damage and termites and provides a high level of noise insulation. The doorframe and trimmings are 100% polymer. Around the doorframe there is a rubber strip giving acoustic and termite insulation. The Adva model boasts a luxurious oven-painted finish.

Water Resistance

Use of Green Materials

7 Year Warranty against Water Damage & Termites

Use of Recyclable Materials


Door Width Dimensions (cm)

52 ,60 ,63 ,71 ,76 ,81 ,86 ,91

Door Width Dimensions (cm)


Door Structure

Waterproof W.P.C. polymer is injected tthroughout the full length of the door. Comes in a variety of different designs. Oven-painted to achieve a perfect finish.

Doorframe Width Dimensions (cm)


Doorframe Height (cm)


Doorframe Structure

W.P.C. polymer doorframe and accessories. Painted with a PVC coating to maximimze both finish and strength. Peripheral rubber seal for noise insulation.

Jamb to Doorframe (cm)



Hidden stainless steel door hinges for long-term durability

Ironwork accessories

A variety of door handles in different shapes and sizes are made from a galvanized zinc base of uncomprosing quality and also has a magnetic latch for quiet operation.

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