Especially for you we’ve set up a huge support department, which is today the heart and center of the company. Our professional service personnel are at your service. You can contact us via our Contact Us page, or WhatsApp 050-7204639 or be telephone 1700-771-000

All our products are designed and have even passed detailed inspection at the Standards Institute of Israel according to the standards for the various features of the product. Because Taldor meets the most stringent requirements, the company was allowed to receive a document that you can see on our Certificates and Approvals page. Here is a description of just some of them: A certificate from the Standards Institute, certification of the absence of hazardous materials, an acoustic insulation certificate, as well as others listed on the Certificates and Approvals page.

Matching a door to a design style is always a challenging task: Should we go for a classical design with clean lines, or should we opt for a more Nordic style? Or should we go or retro design in our home? Here at Taldor, we have a door for every unique design style from Nordic via a country look to boho-chic. You’re invited to consult with us and match doors to your chosen style.

WPC is a wood, polymer and composite combination. Dooors made of WPC enjoy many benefits in terms of the mix of wood and polymer, while also benefitting form zero mainenance, a long product life and water resistance.

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